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The story about Copier Leasing...

Let's face it... Copiers are EXPENSIVE and you will invest a good portion of your monthly budget on buying or leasing a copier.

If your interest is a low monthly payment, without the option of ownership, Leasing may be a great choice for you!

Leasing affords the customer the ability to finance a machine over time, which allows for great cash flow. However,  if you're the type of customer who intends to use/own the machine in the long term, this option may not be for you.

Most of our competitors want you to lease the equipment, because they want to put you in a never-ending scenario of perpetual upgrade and renewal. This way you "rent" the machine forever... We offer Leasing that has a (typical) $1.00 Buyout at lease end, so that the payments that you've made towards the equipment have equity. Most leasing does not offer a "buyout" at all, and even if it does, it usually far exceeds the value of the machine, once it's been used 3-5 years.

You should only lease if your cashflow simply demands it. Otherwise, your best option is to purchase the machine outright, or have it financed another way, at a lower interest rate. Customers are under the impression that the technology in the copier will be obsolete in a couple of years.... NOT TRUE! If your primary focus is to have a machine that prints, copies and scans, these functions will not be obsolete in a couple of years and the machine will perform these functions without issue. The only issue we've encountered with obsolescence is when a machine is 10 years old and will not scan within certain Windows platforms. That's it.

IMPORTANT! Most customers believe that they have to "lease" to be able to get the monthly Service Agreement on the machine.. NOT TRUE.. we offer our Agreements on ANY MACHINE you lease OR purchase, so you will never be without our excellent service!!